Standalone Database Applications

A range of office desktop applications to help increase productivity for you and your staff. All products run under Microsoft Office or Office 365.

Contact Database

A standalone database that allows you to manage your contacts. Multiple sort options. Client notes field. Export function. Intuitive operation. Runs under Access on Office 2013+ and Office365.

Task Manager

A standalone database to manage shared office tasks across all your staff. Assign tasks, set and change priorities. Mark tasks as completed. Audit trail. Runs under Access Office 2013 and Office365.

Contact Emailer

A standalone contact database to send Email. Ready to import your lists and send out marketing campaigns. Operates with your own SMTP service. Runs under Access Office 2013+ and Office365.

Asset Manager

A standalone Asset Management database that keeps track of any type of object you deal with (eg. equipment, property, vehicles). Facilty to flag inspections.